spying on mike gousha in the marquette law school;

i was standing behind a column while i fumblingly took my camera out of my backpack, nervous and sweating a little bit, because mike gousha.

haha, I feel this way every time that I see him there! he’s my favorite local celeb

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This is the single greatest thing that’s ever been on this website.

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I know this is a long shot but I’m desperate. I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and my Miniature Australian Shepherd got out this evening around 7:30pm. Her name is Mocha, and she’s a red merle (red, tan and white), about 20-25lbs, fully vaccinated, microchipped and was last seen by the lighthouse on Lake Drive around 9pm. She lives on Frederick Ave closer to North Ave and is very friendly but likely scared and skittish. Please if you’re in the Milwaukee area or have followers there reblog to spread this around. Please call (262)305-5212 if she’s spotted or if you have any information. 

Please be on the lookout Milwaukee!

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Skylight Music Theatre’s production of Les Miserables in rehearsals (from various actors’ tweets).

SO FLIPPED EXCITED FOR THIS. My les mis bff and I are going when she’s here in December. Watching the movie together was an experience; we laughed, we gasped, we cried. And I’ve decided that pretty much anything has to be better than Russell Crowe’s Javert. But nothing (and I really mean nothing) will top the Bishop (Colm Wilkinson for the win!) and the ending with the candles. But the movie didn’t hit the right notes for me in that song - Where is Eponine? Vulture put it best when they said: 
You’ve heard all these melodies at this point, but the three-part harmony on “take my hand / I lead you to sal-va-a-tion” is scientifically engineered to induce weeping.

Oh dear. I’ve hit that weird fan obsession stage haven’t I?

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Update to my postscript:

The new guy got it within 45 minutes, not 30. (Almost) called it.


I read today that Swedish movie theaters are reviewing movies based on the Bechdel test. Awesome.

And then I started watching the movie “Timeline” (2003) starring Paul Walker, Gerald Butler, Billy Connelly, Ethan Embry, David Thewlis, and Frances O’Connor. Frankly, it’s bumming me out. Not because it’s a bad movie but because of some bad casting choices.

In Michael Crichton’s 1999 book of same title, there are 5 named women characters to the 15+ named male characters. In this movie - they’ve changed 3 of the women to male characters. THREE! And I don’t see any necessary reason. One was a doctor who makes a brief appearance in the beginning, the other is a former marine, now private security guard, and the third is a VP of a high tech company. What? They couldn’t find enough women in Hollywood to fill these roles? People watching this movie wouldn’t be able to believe that women could be a doctor/marine/VP?

I just don’t understand why they had to cast men in these roles instead of women.

Blerg. Usually I take issue with movies not following the narrative plot of a book but this is different - this is just gross sexism. I am a lady, I like action movies, I’d like to see more women in action movies. To be honest, I’m not sure if I would have noticed the lack of women if I hadn’t read the book first - which is a statement to the under-representation of women in film BUT when the source material offers you a lovely guide on how to cast women in a movie - it’s a shame the casting director went in this direction.

Normally, I’d say “end rant” following something like this. But I refuse to end my rant on this. This is ridiculous. Granted, in the whole scheme of things, how many women are portrayed in one (10 year old) movie that got widely panned by critics is not that big of a deal - but I just feel that is indicative of how people (in and out of the entertainment business) feel that women can be easily replaced by a man. We’re not.  We bring something different to the table - and we work better with a more diverse group. I certainly am not about to advocate replacing all men with women - not at all - just a more fair representation would be nice.

Ok back to the movie, let’s see how this goes…


p.s. They also ADDED a male character not found in the book but I think merely as a redshirt. I don’t see this guy living much past the 30 minute mark.



When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?! 


Awesome Halloween decorations in my ‘hood in Milwaukee.

being a good neighbor - you’re doing it right.

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"Books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar spent. What I wonder is why everybody doesn’t carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life."


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preach. this is one of those reasons that I’d think about an e-reader because I could carry an endless library with me wherever I go. But I just can’t….

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"I’ve never comprehended this idea of spoilers, the folks who line up to get the last Harry Potter, and turn right to the last page of the book as soon as it’s in their hands. My favorite time as a kid was not Christmas morning. It was the night before Christmas, and the sense of expectation. Nothing is ever as good as your imagination. That’s how it works. “I wanted a G.I. Joe and I got socks.”"


Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, tells Rolling Stone why he doesn’t care for spoilers (via nprfreshair)

Vince - are you going to break my heart Sunday night? I think so. Can’t wait to see how this series ends. Also, spoilers=the worst. And people who tell spoilers=even more ‘the worst.’

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this may or may not have been me this morning. (i’ll give you a hint - it totally was.)

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i think this is a lot of jobs. but it’s something you come to expect on campaigns whereas at a 9-5, you never see the train wrecks coming.

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napoleon bonaparte


more like napoleon BORN2PARTY



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Beatrix Potter: The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies

Reader Submission: Title and Redesign by Adam Vincentz and Norman Urban Boyer.

omg this is amazing. whole blog is full of books with “better” titles that more accurately describe the book. i would like to reblog everything.

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